dinsdag 19 april 2011

Armani Multi-Strand Scarf

The other day a reader wrote me about my Emporio Armani scarf. She would like to DIY one for herself as $150 for a scarf may not be outrageous but it is not exactly cheap. For me, I can't sew to save my life but I think it is possible to DIY this scarf. It is a very stylish piece. If anyone can make it, I highly recommend this piece. If not, you just have to get it from Emporio Armani then.  This was one of the pieces Kate Lanphear showed during the fashion show I attended at Emporio Armani, It was also one of the pictures that got lost, much to my sadness. Kate paired the scarf with a slim white tee and skinny jean.  It was so cute!
Scarf strands are tied together at two places by wrapping another piece fabric of same print tightly around all the strands. The end of the first wrap around which is about 4 inch wide is 18 inches from the beginning of the second wrap around, which is about 4 inch as well. It is finished off by a knot in the end.  Total length of scarf is about 64 inches.  

Each strand is just a long piece of cotton elastic fabric about 1/2 inch wide.  The fabric just curl inward by itself.  Honestly, just thinking about cutting all this fabric makes me slightly dizzy but it is achievable. If anyone decide to DIY as well, sent me a picture so I can show it off here too. Have fun!!!


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