dinsdag 19 april 2011

Sonia Rykiel Necklace

What do you need:

1 Metre, or your personal desired length, Decorator's Cord/Trim
2 Large Round/Square Wooden Beads
1 Small piece leather, approx. 3" x 4" each
Packaging Tape
Spray paint in two desired colours

My beads came pre-painted with a high gloss acrylic, so I sanded them down and then gave them several coats of spray paint.

Tightly secure the ends of the cord with packaging tape (this makes it waaay easier to thread through the beads!)

Cut the leather strip into a fringe. Leave approx. 1/4" uncut at the top, you want this to stay in one piece!

After the beads are strung, snip the rope off leaving around 3/4" of rope length sticking out under the beads. Wrap the leather around the rope length gluing it every inch or so to keep it secure.

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